Holidays & Gifts

Celebrate the holidays with these fun and creative ideas! Plus check out my Gift Guides for ideas for everyone in your life!

The Gift of Sleep: 20 Gift Ideas for People that Love Sleep

Give the gift of sleep. Check out these 20 gift ideas for people that love sleep! Rest, relaxation and waking up refreshed is the best gift you can give! If you have trouble sleeping, work during the day, are stressed, or jetlagged try these products for the best sleep of your life!

Easy Fun Cheap Birthday Traditions

Fun, Easy, Cheap Birthday Traditions

How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special From the moment your child wakes up on their birthday to the moment they fall asleep. These ideas are how to make your child’s birthday extra special with fun, easy, cheap birthday traditions. Make your child feel like the day is all about them! Check out these […]

Pretty Spring Cocktails

Cheers to Spring! Try these 5 delicious and pretty Spring cocktails. I love floral and fresh cocktails that are light and refreshing. These drinks are beautiful and well balanced. Celebrate the flavors of Spring time! These cocktails are easy to make- no bartending experience necessary. Some of these drinks require Simple Syrup or flavored Simple […]

gift ideas for bakers

Best Gift Ideas for Bakers

If you are blessed enough to have a baker in your life (and sample some of their goodies), then you need the best gift ideas for bakers. Encourage your baking aficionado with these baking must haves and essentials. Everything a baker could possibly need from cakes to bread and everything in between. I know these […]

Easy DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

This easy DIY Easter Bunny Wreath is so adorable! It only took me about 5 minutes to put together and I had everything on hand already. It really brings the Easter spirit into the house as soon as you walk in the door. I love the simple minimalistic bunny look. Plus the gold and white […]

Easy Easter Dessert: 3D Sugar Cookies

Wow your guests this Easter with this easy Easter dessert- 3D Sugar cookies! To me, no Easter is complete without sugar cookies. This easy sugar cookie recipe is no spread and no chill so you can bake them right away and they hardly spread at all! Simply use my printable design to cut and build […]

Gift ideas for BBQ & Grill Lovers

With the weather starting to warm up, I can’t wait to start grilling and BBQing again! There is seriously nothing better than a backyard BBQ with your friends in the summer. Whether your BBQ master is your dad, your husband, or yourself, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for the BBQ & grill lovers […]

Zero Waste Swaps

By this point we all know that we need to be more eco-friendly and cut down on our plastics usage. Small changes to our everyday lives can make big impacts on keeping our planet healthy. Try these Zero Waste Swaps to help reduce your carbon footprint and make your house a little more environmentally friendly! […]

Easy Easter DIY: 3D Easter Egg Craft

Easter egg crafts are so cute! This adorable craft can either be strung up as a banner, or displayed as a table centerpiece. Try making this Easter Egg craft in different patterns and sizes! I prefer a slightly stiffer craft paper, but any kind will work. I used a regular glue stick, but if you […]

Easy Easter Craft: 3D Easter Bunny Cut Out

This 3D Easter Bunny Cut Out is such an easy Easter craft! It’s really so simple, that kids will love it and it makes beautiful Easter décor! All you need is cardstock, cardboard, or a thicker style of decorative paper and scissors. I did one 3D Easter bunny cut out out of polka dot craft […]

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mom. She works so hard everyday to take care of her kids. But if your Mom is like mine, every time a gift giving holiday comes around she says she doesn’t want anything! Maybe you’re a little too old to make a pasta necklace for a gift. Or maybe your mother has everything she needs […]

Girl Boss Office Must Haves

This year a lot of people learned to work from home. It can be hard to be productive and efficient as you are at an office building, but these Amazon finds will definitely help! As I begin my blogging journey I want to outfit my home office with all the prettiest feminine accessories and handiest […]

Amazon Beach Essentials

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Sun, sand, and calming waves mean instant relaxation. These Amazon Beach Essentials will make sure you are prepared and stylish for your fun in the sun! In addition to these beach essentials, I also like to pack my favorite water bottle, some snacks, a book/magazine (or my […]

Easter Dessert: Mini Egg Macarons

Easter Dessert: Mini Egg Macarons Impress your friends and family with this fancy Easter Dessert: Mini Egg Macarons! Macarons aka finicky little French almond cookies. So beautiful when you get it right, but so easy to get them wrong! If you’ve never made them before, they may seem easy to make because there are only […]

Amazon Travel Essentials

Amazon Travel Must Haves

Once quarantine ends, people will be itching to travel again. These Amazon Travel Must Haves will definitely help you pack efficiently and bring everything you need. Wherever your destination, you need these must have travel items for your journey. I’ve categorized this post into Packing/Organization, Electronics, Kitchen, Liquids, Sneaky Storage, Comfort, Safety, Beauty, and Miscellaneous/Laundry. […]

Easter Inspired Cocktails

If you are planning an Easter Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner try some of these fun Easter inspired cocktails! Some of these recipes require 1-3 days prep, so make sure you read them in advance. Adjust the recipes to your personal taste if you like them a little stronger or sweeter. Get creative with fun garnishes […]

Easter Dessert: Mini Egg Fudge

Easter Dessert: Mini Egg Fudge Easter Desserts should be beautiful, pastel, sugary and delicious. Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy and fudge is one of my favorite desserts, so I combined the two to make this yummy Easter dessert: Mini Egg Fudge! Using only 5 ingredients you can put together this easy fudge in […]

Mini Egg Banana Bread

This Mini Egg Banana Bread is perfect for Easter! It’s easy to make, delicious and I like to pretend that banana bread is a healthier dessert because hey, it’s got fruit! I am a Mini Egg fiend around Easter time, so this recipe speaks to my heart. It’s been boyfriend tested and approved. This banana […]

Must Have Dog Car Essentials & Accessories

When packing up your car, don’t forget the essentials for your furriest family member! Whether you are going on a long road trip or just to the dog park, here are the must have dog car accessories you should pack! I’ve broken these down into 5 categories: Safety, Cleanliness, Food, Comfort, & Toys. Friendly reminder […]

Healthy Vegetarian St Patrick’s Day Food

Find Ideas for Healthy Vegetarian St Patrick’s Day Food! Sure Shamrock Shakes are great, but I don’t want my toddler (or myself!) eating that much sugar or green food dye. No one likes green pee! I’ve put together a list of some Healthy Vegetarian St Patrick’s Day food ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner! […]

Mom Car Essentials

Why is it that when you have kids, you need so much more stuff? It’s like a simple trip to the grocery store needs it’s own carry on suitcase! And of course when you really need something, that’s the one thing you forgot to pack. Whenever I leave my house with my little I like […]

Amazon Finds: Car Organization, Essentials, and Gadgets

I love going on road trips and Scott basically works from his car because his job involves so much driving. Which means I know what comes in handy when you basically live in your car. If you work from your car, or spend a lot of time driving check out my Amazon finds: Car organization, […]

Amazon Finds: Car Safety and Emergency Essentials

Amazon Finds: Car Safety & Emergency Essentials When I started driving, and bought my first car, my parents gifted me a CAA membership for their own peace of mind. Maybe I am my mother’s daughter, but I like to be prepared for just about anything and that includes any time I’m driving. Especially living in […]

Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers & Bartenders

Find the perfect gift for the bartender or cocktail lover in your life!

Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

Do you have a tea lover in your life? This warm, ancient beverage is so comforting and warm. Of course it’s easy to grab a tea sampler, or a cute new mug. But if you’re looking for a more creative gift idea for the tea lover in your life check out my gift guide for […]

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Adults!

Have an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Adults Why do kids get all the fun? First things first I am not trying to offend anyone or insult a religious holiday and these ideas are probably not for Sunday Brunch with your Grandmother. These are ideas for an Easter egg scavenger hunt for adults, which feature […]

15 Toddler Easter Basket Ideas (that aren’t candy!)

Skip the sugar rush and the plastic junk in your toddler Easter basket. We rarely give Malcolm candy/chocolate in our house. It’s a rare treat for him when he gets a few M&Ms or a bite of a cookie. Holidays like Easter & Halloween that have become very candy centric, we need to get a […]

Gift Guide: Coffee Lover

Gift Guide Coffee Lover If you know someone who is an absolute bean addict or home barista, check out this gift guide for coffee lovers! You can do better than a Starbucks gift card. There are so many different ways to make and serve coffee depending on what you are in the mood for. I […]

Gift Guide: Workout and Fitness Edition

Creating a home gym is a great way to stay healthy while regular gyms are closed. Having some workout basics at home helps make working out accessible, easy, and convenient! Below is everything you need for your home gym. If you or someone you know is a big workout enthusiast or is trying to get […]

Gift Guide: 25 Home Spa Day Ideas

Give the gift of relaxation, even if the spas are closed. If you have a a person in your life that needs to relax (or you want to spoil yourself!) check out these gift guide ideas for a home spa day. I know when I do a home spa day, I go all out in […]

The Best Diaper Bag Under $50!

When I started looking for the perfect diaper bag I knew I had some specifications I needed in order for it to be functional for us, but I also knew I didn’t want it to look like a childish diaper bag. And as much as I love the idea of just using a beautiful purse […]

DIY Honey Comb Ornaments

How to Make DIY Honey Comb Ornaments Every year part of our Christmas Traditions are making homemade ornaments. I saw similar ornaments and decorations at Chapters and Anthropologie, but I could not bring myself to pay $30 for a paper tree. So I decided to figure out how to DIY Honey comb ornaments myself! These […]

Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family

Combining Christmas Traditions for New Couples Even though Scott and I were dating last Christmas, but I went to Winnipeg to visit family and he stayed in Edmonton. Which means this is the first year we are actually spending Christmas together! So, since we can’t have any indoor or outdoor gatherings over the holidays, it’s […]

Celebrate the Christmas Holidays While in Quarantine

Celebrate the Christmas Holidays while in Quarantine Even though we must socially distance, here are some fun ideas to celebrate the Christmas holidays while in quarantine! So obviously this year celebrating the Christmas holidays is a little different because we have to celebrate while in quarantine. Although I moved to Edmonton about 5 years ago […]

How to Find the Perfect Present & Give the Best Gifts

How to Find the Perfect Present and Give the Best Gifts Find the perfect present for EVERYONE on your list! Once people hit a certain age, they tend to have everything they need and can buy anything they want for themselves! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the stress of finding, making, […]