How to Store Plastic Bags

Listen, I know plastic bags are TERRIBLE for the environment. But we’ve all been halfway through shopping at the grocery store when you realize you forgot your reusable bags at home. Or you order take-out and it comes in a plastic bag. Or you go out clothes shopping and the store gives you plastic bags […]

How to Plan a Stairwell Photo Gallery

There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home than photos on the walls. We have lived in our house for about a year now, but were just getting around to hanging things on the walls. It just always seems to take a back burner to other projects! This past weekend I committed […]

Toddler Sensory Bin Fillers

What are Sensory Bins? Maybe you’ve heard of the newest toddler trend: Sensory bins! If you haven’t, a sensory bin is basically a small clear bin (like these!) with different fillers that allow your little one to explore their senses. It’s like a sandbox or a water table, but on steroids. Incorporating different textures, scents, […]